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Photographic History

A Photographic History of the Former Anheuser-Busch Brewery/Boush Ice & Cold Storage Plant - Now Harbour Place Condominium. (1895-2015) - Researched by William B. Inge and photos provided courtesy of Sergeant Memorial Collection, Norfolk Public Library

Note: As you click on each of the photographs at the bottom of this page, the name of the photograph will be revealed; it is also the year portrayed.  This "year" generally correlates with the descriptions below. 

: A.A. McCullough Wharves, leased to New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Co.

1900: Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assoc. purchases a 100’ x 100’ foot lot at the corner of Boush Street and Brooke Avenue for $15,000 in September from the A. A. McCullough Estate. Construction begins in December of a 2 story brick “beer depot” of approx. 8,800 sq ft.

1901: Anheuser-Busch purchases all the remaining land from the McCullough Estate in April and December, paying $13,500 and $60,000 respectively.

1904: An additional 2 story building is constructed. Business had increased 200% in just 2 years.

1905: A 2 story brick stable and 2 story brick storage building (peanut storage) was built. In September, the Reinschmidt-Haenni Contracting Co. of St. Louis erected a 5 story, 250,000 cu. ft. cold storage and ice plant, bottle and wash house, measuring 200’ x 200’. Storage of approx. 80 tons of ice daily. Cost: $125,000. Architects: Widman & Walsh of St. Louis. Frederick Widman and Robert W. Walsh were the house architects for Anheuser-Busch and designed all their buildings. Specialized in designing breweries, cold storage and ice plants. Became a brewery about this time.

1907: Same contractor and architect- addition.

1911: Addition to ice plant 80 to 140 tons daily. Storage from 250,000 to 600,000 cu ft.

1912: 3 story, $75,000 addition built.

1913: New 2 story stable, corner of City Hall and Boush St. built. Cost: $12,000

May, 1913: Old 2 story peanut storage demolished. New 7 story, 1,000,000 cu. ft. cold storage warehouse built. Total cost: $400,000. Same architects. Gilsonite Const. Co. of St. Louis Builders. Permit #6413, dated May 19, 1913. Cost: $125,000.

1914: Over 100 people employed, $1,500 weekly payroll.

1916: Virginia goes dry, 2 years before prohibition.

1921: Anheuser-Busch sells to Anheuser-Busch Ice & Cold Storage Co., Inc. Building renamed Anheuser-Boush Inc. Cold Storage Ice Manufacturing. Note new spelling of Boush…after the street name and not the company.

1927: Sold again to Tidewater Service Corp. Deed of trust on property for $1.5 million.

1933: Prohibition repealed. Building opened up as a brewery; Southeastern Brewing Co. and later the Glasgow Brewing Co.

1952: Brewery ceased production. Afterwards, strictly cold storage operation. Atlantic Ice & Coal Co.

1964: Fire damages 2 floors. Vacated afterwards.

1960’s: Old buildings fronting on Boush St. razed for construction of sea wall and widening of Boush Street.

1974: Property acquired by NRHA.

1976: Devastating fire in August.

1982: Harbour Place Associates buys building from NRHA and converts to 65 luxury condominiums. Units sell for $69,000 to $184,000. MMM Design Group- Architects. Everything except the 1913 7 story building is demolished and that structure is completely gutted for the $5.7 million project. Completed in 1986.

2002: Construction of Wisconsin Park.